The beauty of SEVEN PROMISES or COMMITMENTS is that they are not specific prayers that a member commits to pray as individual, as a couple, or with their family, but the movement provides formation, using the Church’s spiritual tradition and official teachings, in how to pray, how to use Scripture in prayer, and how to grow     in a real relationship with God, our spouses, and our children.

By practicing the seven COMMITMENTS, husband and wife get closer to one another and individually to God and within their families, and they make progress on the way of conjugal spirituality.

The aim of the PROMISES is to enrich internal life, to deepen conjugal love, and to create a truly Christian atmosphere in our families.

Acceptation and implementation of the seven PROMISES helps us develop sensitivity and perseverance in order to open our hearts to receive God’s love and recognize His will for us as a couple and for our family. Openness to the work of the Holy Spirit helps us transform our lives as individual persons and as a married couple.

Conscientious practice of all of them becomes the beginning of a deep Christian conversion in truth and unity. Faithfulness to the PROMISES enables us to experience a consistent renewal and deepening of our relationship with God, spouse, family and our neighbors. 

Sharing the implementation of the PROMISES shows specific efforts of the married couples for the sake of the development of their spiritual life. The aim of this sharing is reciprocal brotherly help in the journey of transforming our lives. We always share our experiences in the spirit of love, we listen with patience and open hearts, we try to understand and support one another.

A detailed monthly deep reflection on our efforts helps us realize whether there is progress or regress in our spiritual life. It is important to look together for the source of difficulties and the ways to overcome them.

Sharing the PROMISES often results in the decision to give a clearly-defined help or at least support one of the couples with prayer and also encourages to undertake a specific effort